Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perhentian Island (Father & Son Vacation)

Last week, i took off for a week and went to Perhentian Island to chill with my dad. I've been here once with three of my friends (3 Hafizs) last year and it was such a gorgeous place. So I figured I should take my dad there just for a quality-time-father-and-son-vacation. I'm not gona describe more about the place, just let the pictures tell you the story. For those who never been there, there are a few tips I would like to offer:

  • You'll get cheaper price if u book earliear and look for the package. Go in groups as you'll get even cheaper.
  • Two ways to go there, by plane or bus. I recomend taking the plane , less bumpier and less time (50 minutes vs 7 hours). Both should stop at Kota Bahru, from there you'll need to take a cab to Kuala Besut jetty (45 minutes trip). It should cost you only 40-50 ringgit. Don't pay if its more than that.
  • You can check-in into cheap motel around KB, there's one that situated right opposite the cab station for only 65 ringgit per night.
  • Boat transfer cost you 40 ringgit per trip per pax, if you take package, they all should be included.
  • Bring a lot of water and lotion; u dont wanna risk of getting skin cancer and the water quality there is really poor. You don't want to get dehydrated under the scorching hot sun.
  • You can rent snorkling gears for mask : RM 10, life jacket: RM 5. Now they forbid using fin or flipper coz a lot of the coral are dying. If u wanna go snorkling spots hopping, you have to pay RM 40 per trip and they usually have twice a day at perhentian besar.
  • Have fun...

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Klang Gates 101 - Bukit Tabuh Where It Begins (Part 2)

So many things happened during the last couple of weeks that I didn't have chance to update my blog. I went to new place for hiking trip (will update u guys) and made some new friends. I must finish this posting before I can start a new one. So, let's continue..

In my last post, the two points mentioned were the toughest (sort of), after this the hiking should be easier as you are going up and down the peaks. 4 more to go ...(see guys, people always ask me how many peaks to go and each time i will tell them less than the actual number, cause frankly, i'm not sure myself, they all look the same. see them for yourself...


Another Peak

Another Peak...Sigh

Time to wrap it up, when you get to the final peak, you'll meet some clearings on your way down, turn to left and you'll see some ropes hanging on the trees going down the hill. That's the end of your hiking. The path down is a regular walking with up and down mode. Its pretty muddy and slippery but not as dangerous as when you are on top. You'll meet this house at the end of the path and just continue your way down. Happy Trekking!!!

The house with lots of dogs..hehe

To my friends who I brought here, please comment of what did u think of this place..My ratings:
  • In 1 to 10 scale for difficulty : 6.5/10
  • In 1 to 10 scale for scenery : 7/10
  • In 1 to 10 scale for stamina : 6/10
If you have any question, drop a comment or you can mail me at Chow!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Klang Gates - Bukit Tabuh 101: Where it begins (Part 1)

So on one saturday, I was really sick and tired of KL and figured I need to go out of town. Then I received a call from my bro in-law asking me to go for hiking trip at this place. I thought I've heard of this place before but I'm not sure where it is. For first timer, this is how you can get here:
  1. take the MRR2 - from KLCC, take ampang road, there is a sign goin to MRR2 on your left (or look for Zoo Negara Signboard)
  2. go down the road untill you meet signboard to Taman Melawati on your left, turn right after the trafic light and go straight, you'll meet a roundabout, take 12 o'clock and you'll meet second roundabout, take 3 o'clock.
  3. go straight and you'll find a junction, take right and go down the hill and follow the road. you'll see houses and some cars park by the road side. the starting point is at a halfway built wall and you'll c a sign on one of the trees like this :

OK, now the fun part. Please be careful, don't underestimate this place. A lot of people do that and they end up being in trouble. You'll need :
  1. good shoes (dont wear slipper or sandle because its rocky and sometimes slippery)
  2. a lot of water (2 litres will be fine)
  3. extra clothes (you can take a dip in the waterfall nearby)
  4. camera
  5. guts (you'll c what i'm talking about)
Its about 3 miles of hiking and will take about 3 hours in total (round trip) for a beginner. The first part of the hiking require you to ascend fair slopes for about an hour

See that slope, thats not bad right? OK, upon your way up you'll c beautiful Klang Gates reservoir at the back. Its really unfortunate you cannot go there or else it will be awesome but some pics will do. Look at these pics, cool huh?

Klang Gates Reservoir

One of Many Klang Gates Peaks

Peace to the world

There are several peaks (seven maybe) that you need to go up and down. Each one progessively getting tough, once again be careful ok. after three peaks (i think), you'll come to the point where you need to lower yourself with an existing rope. Don't be afraid to trust the rope as its pretty tough, if you r not sure, try pulling it as hard as you can before you use it. Some tips:
  • Put the rope in the middle of your legs, lean back with your feet flat on the rocks and your hips parallel to your back.
  • hold tight to the rope, look for places you can safely land your feet.
  • If you are afraid of height, there's an alternative but i do not recomend cause its slippery and time consuming.
  • get your friends help to guide you down.

the caution sign upon going down the rope

the take off point

see the rope?

view from the climbing point

It'll take you only a few seconds to get down the rope. its easy for regular climber even for starter if you know how to do it. Next, you'll need to climb up almost 90 degrees slope (my personal favourite slope) to go up to the next peak. You'll meet a flat clearing after this wall.

the 90 degress wall..almost

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Several reasons why i create this blog:
  • to inform people how magical malaysia is
  • to show people how to get there (as far as i can, cause seriously, maps and sign boards in malaysia are so untrustworthy)
  • cause i wanna share
  • cause i'm bored..LOL
  • i might share something else, since i'm a food, movie and music lover, i might throw something here.
  • I had so much fun doing this, I want people out there to share my enthusiasm and happiness
Here are some of the pic of the places that i've been...

this is me jumping into sungai chilling in Kuala Kubu

this is me kayaking through the pongsun river

this is me on top of bukit tabuh in klang gates

I will update on each of the places that I've been. I hope this blog will be useful to people who are crazy of adventures and natures like me. drop a comment please...c y'all.